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Seafarers / Note to the seafarers
Note to the seafarers

Below I would like to give a couple of simple advices for those looking for a job.

First of all-pay attention to the requirements. If the company is looking for engine fitter with motorman certificate and C1/D visa, and you are a second class motorman with 2 contracts behind you, DO NOT send your CV for that vacancy as you will be wasting both your precious time and the company’s time as well.

If there are age limits, do not call the company asking if they will accept you even though you are 20 years over the limit. The company is not responsible for creating such limits, nor it is responsible for bargaining with it’s clients. So, whenever you despise the requirements clearly posted within the job proposal you create quite an unpleasant impression and there is a good chance the office manager will not contact you when there will be a need for your rank.

Secondly, try to understand that besides the owners rules there are the rules of crewing company itself, a so-called «internal policy». You may compair it with SMS on board of any vessel. You may not like this policy but if you want to get an employment via the crewing company you have to follow the rules. So if the policy states e.g. that the company does not accept people without sea going experience, it means literally what it means. And there is no posisble way you will be accepted unless you have the needed experience.

I do understand perfectly well that sometimes it is hard to get a job especially considering the crysis. And believe me, we are doing our best to provide as many people with working places as possible.

But we are bound by rules and regulations and we can only hope that you understand our conditions just like we do the utmost to understand you.

Thank you for reading this and good luck!

Denis Didushok

Svetlana Prudnikova
Crew Assistant

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any need.