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New phone numbers
August, 21, 2020

Dear clients,

Pls be notified that our phone number and e-mail have changed.

The phone that you are welcome to use fm now on is as follows:


Dand@vega.com.ua e-mail was deactivated. You are welcome to send your emails to dandcrewing@dandcrewing.com

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COVID restrictions
May, 12, 2020

Dear seafarers,

Officially Ukraine is under LOCKDOWN. That means, all crew changes are banned indefinitely. We do understand your urge but plea you to stay SAFE and remember that in this particular situation your actions may lead to the consequences not only for you but for those around you.
Only by being self-consious we shall overcome.

Stay Home.

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Ukraine in lockdown
March, 16, 2020

Dear clients.

We are to inform you that for the next two weeks, the country will be in

complete lockdown. All airports, train and bus stations and boarders

will be locked. Therefore we may plan all crewing matters starting from

the beginning of April.

We hope and pray that this plague will pass soon.

All the emails will be monitored 24/7. Same refers to skype and office

phones such as : +380 686845597 and +380 931078065. Our AOH phones,

namely +380965972351 and +380 68 866 4285 are also active.

We shall up-date you as to any changes.

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