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Our team
Denis Didushok

20 years in crewing business.

Graduated from Odessa State National University, PhD.

Graduated from Edgewood Academy, USA

Holds a diploma in Crewing Management issued by Lloyds Academy, UK.

Denis Biryukov
Managing director

Graduated from Odessa State National University

Took a course in University of North Carolina (UNCC) as a part of FSA/FLEX programme.

Graduated fm Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, MBA

Larisa Kutuyeva
Crewing Manager

Graduated from Izmail National Humanitarian University - faculty of foreign languages.
Diploma in Linguistics.
Graduated from Carnival Colledge, USA

Diploma in Quality Beverage Service

Svetlana Prudnikova
Chief Crew Manager

Graduated from Odessa State National University

Elena Shinkaruk
Crew assistant
Odessa National Maritime
 University graduated
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