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Find your Crew with Us!

For principals
Why would you chose D&D Crewing Agency?

1) D&D is only crewing company in Ukraine with Lloyds Diploma in Crewing Management

2) The Company is managed by professional staff with the American educational background and American way of treating every client as the Only Client

3) The Company is certified by ISO, MLC and local standards

4) Our database comprises of more than 100 000 seafarers of all ranks

5) 20 years in crewing business

6) Reputation proved by our Clients who stay with us since the old days

7) 24/7 availability and open-minded approach to every request

8) Sophisticated crew selection procedure done in accordance with Lloyds Standards

9) Full specter of support services from visa to overalls. You name it-we do it.

10) All these facts would have meant nothing without our desire to reach success together with our Clients. We always stay by Your side and would always treat You as our one and only Client.

Services provided are:

1) Crew selection (including psychological and linguo-tests, STCW documentation verification, Sea Services control, etc)

2) Crew preparation (including state flag documentation, additional STCW documentation, medical screening and vaccinations, working gear provision, flights and visas reservation, MLC pre-joining briefings, etc)

3) Crew handling on board (Allotments assistance, urgent repatriation assistance, answering to whichever crew claims on board, ISO emergency response plan procedure, etc)

4) Crew families handling (working hand in hand with families and relatives in order to keep the crewmember happy and in good psychological health, being a link between the crewmember and his family)

5) Crew handling at home (rotation plan, STCW up-date assistance, monitoring the availability of the seafarer in every way and by every means)

In few words, we are able to provide our Clients with whichever services needed and we are proud to deliver such services in accordance with the Highest Quality Standards.

Our mission is:

We are truly committed to assisting our Clients in reaching their business goals, so that our business would be successful as well.

Through deep understanding of the seafarers’ labour market, and rigorous analysis of Client’s needs, we are able to develop tailored crewing solutions, thus maximizing Client’s benefits.

By carefully selecting the most appropriate and qualified candidates for your employment, we make sure that the resources provided will perfectly match your expectations and contribute to maintaining the highest maritime and environment safety standards.

We want to be proud of your business success.

Our goals:

1) To provide our Clients with crewing services done in accordance with the Highest Standards.

2) To create a perfect crewing agency operating the perfect crew

3) To build strong positive image of the Ukrainian seafarers.

4) To be the One with every Client of ours

5) To reach the paramount of our personal success by supporting the success of our Clients.